Free Aftersales Service

Free aftersales service for Wichita clutches and brakes

Just to remind you of the following elements of our Customer Care Programme:

1. Free relining service with 24 hour turnaround

For Wichita clutches and brakes, incorporating drive plates with riveted or screwed friction segments onto a metal plate including: Wichita Mistral tension brakes, WCM Water Cooled brakes, HPM High Performance Brakes, CSM Kooper Kool brakes.

Send your Wichita drive plate back to our Bedford factory and we will strip off the worn friction material and refit new friction material free of labour charge. You only pay for the new parts.

* Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround for all stock parts.

2. 24 hour helpline - 7 days a week

If you need urgent help out of office hours please make use of our 24-hour helpline.

24-hr helpline number is +44 (0)1234 324324

During office hours (0830 hrs to 1715 hrs) call our multi-line main switchboard telephone number +44 (0)1234 350311 as normal.

We hope that our customer care programme will be of benefit to you.

* If for any reason we cannot help you within 24 hours you will be advised immediately.

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