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High Torque Clutch | Wichita Clutch UK

Wichita High Torque Clutches provide the highest torque to size ratios of any Wichita Clutch. They provide smooth controlled starts and stops and are designed for minimum power loss due to low rotating inertia.

Product Features

  • Pneumatically applied - spring release
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 disc design
  • For dry use only
  • End-of-shaft mounting on bearing supported pulley, sprocket or flywheel
Typical Uses
  • Fast engagement and cyclic applications
  • High Torque requirements in a compact design
  • General drive applications
Mounting Precautions
  • Input and output halves of clutch must be individually supported
  • Designed for horizontal shaft axis. Consult Wichita if vertical mounting is required
  • The clutch should be suitably guarded when in use
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