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Genuine Wichita Replacement Friction Discs for Brake Press

*Severe damage on non-genuine friction disc shown above

A metal fabricator located in the UK recently installed non-Wichita Clutch replacement friction discs in a 24-inch Wichita spring set brake used on one of its large brake presses. After 4 months of apparent acceptable performance, the non-genuine discs failed, causing considerable damage to the brake housing.

The plant’s maintenance manager ultimately replaced the unauthorized discs with genuine Wichita replacement friction discs. Unfortunately, the customer incurred the additional cost of replacing most of the brake’s damaged metal components. The cost of lost production time was substantial.

Genuine Wichita Clutch replacement friction discs are manufactured using proprietary highstrength wear resistant polymers with molded composite teeth. All replacement Wichita Clutch brand friction discs are precisely matched with mating Wichita clutch and brake components for ease of installation and consistent high-torque output. Wichita discs feature high heat resistance to combat unforeseen application problems. Integral air grooves provide cooling and longer life.

Recently one of Wichita’s custom-built dynamometer test stands was used to test friction discs produced in Taiwan, with some troubling findings. When tested over a period of one hour, the non-genuine friction discs exhibited extremely unstable results, as well as aggressive wearing of the metal components, all of which would lead to increased costs and more frequent servicing.

Facilities and maintenance managers are occasionally approached by companies that offer “low cost,” unauthorized replacement parts for use on Wichita clutches and brakes. However, as in this instance, customers often end up paying much more in terms of damage and lost production costs.

Wichita Replacement Friction Discs


  • Genuine Wichita Clutch replacement friction discs
  • Proprietary high-strength wear resistant polymers
  • Molded composite teeth
  • Precisely matched with mating Wichita clutch and brake components
  • Integral air grooves provide cooling and longer life
  • 2-year warranty
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