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Wichita USA

Dredge Pumps

Wichita Clutch has engineered a series of high-energy capacity clutches specifically to meet the demands of the international dredging industry. Developed from the proven “MSV” range, the use of a sintered metal friction material permits a significantly increased heat-dissipation capability as well as extending the wear-life of linings by an order of magnitude compared to traditional organic material.

These high-heat dissipation clutches are the ideal solution for the high-speed engagement, extended slip times and long ramp-up durations associated with the drive types found in the dredging industry. Decades of experience have culminated in designs that are optimised for long life while minimising the maintenance burden and reducing any required servicing times typical of more traditional clutch units.

Wichita Clutch UK

Marine Low Inertia Clutch

Wichita Clutch UK

Marine Standard Ventilated Clutch

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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